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Funzi Island

A day trip to the Funzi island

Travel the world, meet many different people, learn from them, develop your character, visit beautiful places and think outside the box.

These are life goals which millions of people are chasing one a daily basis. At least once, you should therefore periodically visit the great Kayaking-and-Fishing-Funzi-Keys continent of Africa and get a glimpse of life there. Kenya is ideal for a holiday and Diani Beach offers a vacation area that resembles the lobby to paradise.

Who’s been here does not want to go back and collect as many experiences as humanly possible. Although lying at the beach all day is nice, but gets boring after some time. A nice day trip brings variety. Visit the Funzi Island and experience a great time.

We pick you up at your hotel early in the morning and accompany you to Shirazi , a traditional fishing village in Kenya. This was built during the period of Persian occupation and has a very interesting history. Furthermore, it is very pretty to look at.

The ruins of Shirazi are very impressive and give an insight into the Kenyan history which is very moving.

At the sandy banks, there is already our original Dhow waiting for you. It is a sailing ship, which was already used hundreds of years ago to sail at the Indian Ocean. We will use the constant sea wind to drive across the paradisiac water.
At large sandbars we will take a stop and enjoy the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Here, the snorkeling equipment can be applied to take a look into the water. Frequently observed are beautiful schools of fish, giant turtles, and even dolphins here.

We now continue to the Ramsi channel, which leads us to the village of Bodo. Our route takes us along mangrove Avenues, which play an important role in traditional Kenyan architecture.

In Bodo village we are welcomed with a sumptuous feast, which is held in an African style and mainly consists of fresh local products. Freshly caught fish, seafood, agricultural products, and sun-ripened fruits taste great and will take you to the seventh cloud.

After the delicious meal, we walk a little through the village and tell you about the history of the people who live here.

On the way back we will enjoy the sun and take awesome pictures of the landscapes and water. We will bring you back to your hotel, where you can think about the things you just experienced.


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