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Diani Dhow

On a dhow across the Indian Ocean

The Kenyan coast is an awesome place to live and everyone enjoys the warm sun and the breathtaking nature. Still the gigantic Indian Ocean is seducing men and women on a daily basis and invites them to take a trip.

A dhow is a traditional sailing boat, with which the waters are explored and traveled in East Africa for hundreds of years. Our dhow is on the dhow-haraldandhut cutting edge of technology, but is still inspired by the charm of the traditional boat.

Those who opt for our tour are collected at the hotel on the day of the event, taken to the paradise white beach in front of Diani Beach, where our dhow awaits you.

Once we get on board, it is time to yell “Cast off! ” and sail across the sea.
Besides the enchanting views which you will enjoy in Kenya, musical sounds sweeten your journey. In addition, cold drinks and snacks are available, so you can forget all the worries and focus on enjoying your trip.
The Dhow tour is suitable for adults, children and pensioners and on board is enough room for you, family and friends.

Our experienced crew will show you places which are worth to be seen and take the time to shoot some photos and or take a dive to explore what is beneath the water surface.

We have always prepared an interesting route, but love going to your requirements and make the ride fit your wishes and dreams.
A Dhow trip sweetens the day on special occasions

If you come do Kenya on a special occasion, for example your honeymoon , birthday or the like , visit the beautiful Diani Beach and experience an unforgettable day. Just get in touch with us and we will prepare everything for you, your friends and guests.
Who has special drink requests, or want to find a rich buffet on board, will get his wishes fulfilled, so that you will look back to this day for a lifetime.

A short trip for the duration of a few hours, and a day trip is possible and can be booked with us after a short consultation.

Let us prepare an unforgettable day for you and your friends and step into this magnificent adventure.

Let us make you an unbeatable offer !


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Let us make you an unbeatable offer!

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