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Bicycle Tour

A bike ride through the villages around Diani Beach brings you closer to the culture and makes you become more physically active

We all know about the promises that we give ourselves  from time to time  and meet .

diani-bikes-4 This is best observed at New Year. Million people vow to quit smoking, to work less , spend more time with the family , to exercise more, or to get in touch with old friends .

These resolutions will usually keep about two months, until one falls back to old habits. This seems to be a human dilemma and it’s hard to break out of this circle.

Anyone planning a vacation trip to Kenya at the enchanting beach of Diani Beach should therefore take steps to actively get to know the country and people and not to become submerged in the bars.

A bike tour is the perfect combination between a shallow effort and excursions through the surrounding area. A local tour guide will accompany you, show you interesting places and take you a little off the beaten tracks.

He is well-connected and will show you traditional Kenyan villages whose inhabitants are very excited to meet you and tell you about their lifestyle.

Watch the locals on their daily work, which is largely attributable to the craft. A life far away from the hectic work schedules, credit commitments and jobs first may look strange to you, will show a very different approach that gives you new impressions on life dianibikes

It’s great fun to ride a bike through the landscapes and to discover uncharted territory . Meet the Kenyan education system and enjoy the exotic fruits and foods of the local market.

The cheerful nature of the people, the hospitality and the insouciance results in a very positive attitude, which is reflected in the daily lives of Kenyans.

A bicycle tour of the sacred Kaya forests is feasible and brings you very close to the religious roots of the locals.

Provide variety to your holiday and contact us today for a personalized and relaxing bike tour through the area around Diani Beach, which brings you closer to the land and people, and by the way has a positive effect on your health.


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