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Tsavo West

The Tsavo West Safari

The Tsavo West National Park covers an area of over 9,000 km ยฒ, making it the second largest in Kenya. It was built in 1948, is enjoyed the many visitors, and experiences a continually growing animal population.

Compared to Tsavo East, mountains and more humid areas can be found here, which means that the vegetation and wildlife is significantly SSC-Mawenzi Suite (2) different from the other part of the Tsavo Nation Park. Much more green plants, meadow and trees are found. Many of the hills and mountains have dense forests, but also a lava field is located right here. Nearly no plant finds enough nutrients to grow what causes animals to stay away too. THe filtered melt water of Kilimanjaro is directed it into lakes, which offer a number of crocodiles and hippos a home.

In Tsavo East the entire Big Five are present and can be observed. Unlike the lions from Tsavo East, the ones from Tsavo West are wearing a typical mane. Also, leopards, wild dogs and cheetahs have discovered Tsavo West as a hunting ground and hunt their preferred prey. The plains zebra is very common here and in the forest areas there are porcupines, monkeys and numerous bird species.

In Tsavo West National Park you can inspect the youngest volcanoes in Kenya that gave rise to many mountains and hills. Caves also came to the fore and offer an excellent opportunity to explore Kenya below ground. At the source Mzima, you can spectate hippos and rare fish out of a cave, which is located underwater and enjoy a breathtaking sight.

There are many lovely camps and lodges that are looking forward to welcome and offer you a great home.

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