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Shimba Hills

A day trip to the Shimba Hills

Sometimes you get the feeling that only live to work and weekends are the only sources of relaxation. At such times an extended holiday helps to recharge your batteries, enjoy the bright side of life and take the time to reward yourself for all the hard work. Collecting travel experience is the

Shimba Hill

Watch Point

most beautiful hobby that one can have and some vacations are so well stuck in my mind that we who have experienced them will never forget about the awesome time.

Who travels to the same place again and again will soon feel bored by doing so. One does not get to know new people, explore any new areas and generally misses the excitement and thrill to dive into a foreign culture.
Those who wish to embark on a new challenge, travels to Africa in the easternmost country of Kenya. Here, the relationships between people are true, a lot of wild are waiting for you and unrestrained nature plus a sea as blue as a sapphire can be found.

Such a trip is a big challenge and needs to be carefully planned. There is limited time for vacations and almost too many things to explore. Visitors usually want a good mixture of relaxation and adventure.

A trip to the Shimba Hills National Park is just perfect for this. This idyllic place is full of surprises which you cannot find in any other place.

We will provide an experienced and armed ranger who knows the area like the back of his hand and takes a walk through the grounds with you. 2013-08-12 18.19.32 Here you are likely to encounter forest elepahnts , sable antelope and buffalo that roam the woods.

Your excursion will take you to the famous Shelldrick waterfalls that picturesque plunge into the depths at Shimba Hills since thousands of years. At this paradisiacal place you can find many interesting and beautiful animals, plants and landscapes .

Afterwards we climb into the Shimba Treelodge, from where you can enjoy a magical view of the countryside. Here we will take a delicious lunch.

It is possible for you to enjoy an outstanding night in this magnificent hotel. Afterwards we will arrange your way back.


Price per person: € 95 * Price with a bed in the Shimba Treelodge : € 145

The price includes :

  •     The entrance to the National Park
  •     All transfer services , as well as game drives
  •     A delicious lunch


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