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Big Game Fishing

Deep sea fishing in the Indian Ocean off the south coast of Kenya

Every fishermen gets bored of dragging one trout after another out of a fishing pond. Wild fish in lakes, rivers and even oceans provide a much greater challenge, taste better and deliver exciting fights with the anglers.

bluemarlin-sealodgeguest Especially the hunting of predators is a huge joy for fishers and offers a big adrenalin rush.
The pinnacle of fishing is without doubt the deep-sea fishing. This sport attracts with great action, difficult challenges, rare fish and impressive photos. On top of that comes the exciting taste of a deep sea fish, which got especially strong muscles.
Who dreams of deep sea fishing can find one of the richest fishing waters in the world off the south coast of Kenya is. A large and highly varied fish population in the deep Indian Ocean regularly causes spectacular catches when fishing, which give great pleasure to anglers and spectators.

The quiet and gentle waves of the sea and the warm monsoons provide ideal conditions for deep sea fishing.

The Indian Ocean off the south coast of Kenya can only be captured with the help of experienced fishing crew. Marlin, sailfish, wahoo, barracuda, kingfish, Dorado and even sharks can be caught here. Even the rare swordfishes are seen here on a regular basis.
Deep sea fishing offers beginners and experienced anglers an a-class experience
The deep sea fishing is a great experience for hardcore anglers and is firmly anchored in the Kenyan culture. The biggest sword fish, which was caught on Kenya’s coast, was about 90 KG. Who lands such fish will be well respected in the community. At the awesome white sandy beach, boat4-1 there are fish holders which are the perfect place to present your capital bite.

Who goes out to sea for deep sea fishing should bring a lot of time. Such a tour usually starts at noon and goes until the next morning. This is because the predators are active mostly at night and are hard to outsmart at daytime.

The fishing equipment and an experienced crew is provided by us, so you do not have to buy the large and expensive equipment and bring it to Kenya. The company of professional anglers usually helps to make great catches and deep sea fishing an experience that will not soon be forgotten.


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